Swiftwater Rescue (Ages 18+)

Accredited by the Lifesaving Society

This course prepares participants to take on a leadership role in emergency situations that could occur in a swiftwater setting (rafting, canoeing, kayaking).

Participants will learn to master the fundamental skills and techniques that are needed to perform a successful swiftwater rescue, as well as the core principles of river safety and scene management.


The 24-hour course covers the following topics:

  • River hydrology and recognizing hazards
  • Swiftwater swimming and swimming rescue techniques
  • Setting up a rescue and the ladder approach
  • Boat retrieval
  • Leadership skills in emergency situations
  • Rescue equipment and emergency response teams
  • Advanced use of rope and mechanical advantage systems

$325 / person + tax


  • Personnel working on and around swiftwater (rafting guides, kayak instructors, etc.)
  • People who are learning or who regularly practice a whitewater sport (SUP, rafting, kayaking, etc.)
  • Anyone who is exposed to the dangers of swiftwater